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New Apple iPod shuffle: Looks Familiar and there’s more!When the new Apple iPod lineup premiered to the world, the little music player iPod shuffle stood tall and noticeably proud with the makeover it went through. This time, it plays retrospect. Yes, the iPod shuffle got its buttons back!

Obviously larger than the previous model, one won’t have to worry about the return of its physical playback controls though. At just 1.14 inches tall, 0.34 inches thick and 1.24 inches wide, the new iPod shuffle is visibly smaller than the 2nd Generation shuffle which had the same click control wheel.

So apart from the device’s dramatic change in design, what else is there to know about the recent revamp of the Apple iPod family’s smallest member?

Main features cover VoiceOver, Genius mixes and Playlist support Main features cover VoiceOver, Genius mixes and Playlist support
Apple definitely earned pluses for the buttons’ comeback and for the retention of the recent model’s prominent features. On top of this, the latest iPod shuffle—which in many ways looked like a hybrid of the past generations—now sports a dedicated VoiceOver button for better accessibility. If you loved the 2nd Gen shuffle as your workout buddy, then you know too well that it is essential to have total control over your playlist.

Speaking of Buttons Speaking of Buttons
Access to the music controls are now easier to see and use. To play and pause, click the center button. The outer buttons are for volume adjustment and skipping forward or back. You can always flip the switch to fit your listening style. However, the bad news (but not really) is that, the newest model ditched one’s access to the inline remote control on the earbuds.

The Inside Story. This little music machine spoils the big tune lover in you.
This little music machine spoils the big tune lover in you. With a storage capacity of 2GB and boasting up to 15 hours of battery life, imagine yourself going everywhere taking your music tank with you. If you’re into podcasts and audio books, you can load up the new iPod shuffle with them too! Whether you’re a workout buff or simply a sound monster, the iPod shuffle makes a perfect mate for audio consumption on the go.

Portable. Wearable. Fashionable. Portable. Wearable. Fashionable.
Available in five gleaming colors (blue, pink, black, green and yellow), the new iPod shuffle comes with a matching rear clip for easy wearing. Also, another sweet thing about it is that it makes a cool fashion accessory. You can clip it to your top, backpack or gym gear, and relax. It stays put, no matter how you move. If you want to customize it some more, there’s still room for personalized engraving.

Next to being an eye-candy, the sweetest thing about the newest shuffle is that it debuted at only $49.

While anything on the surface doesn’t look revolutionary and while it appears to be a simple redesign of the 2nd Gen model, it is more than fair to say that the innovative approach that the 4th Gen embraced—counting the fusion of the best features from prior iPod models—makes it the best overall iPod shuffle yet.