New Mac mini: Small But Powerful

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Mac mini, Mac Systems
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Apple a few months ago introduced a cheaper home computer, the all-new Mac mini, in a move that could attract consumers who’ve been sticking with less-expensive PCs.

Echoing what most Mac enthusiasts would say, it’s the most affordable way to enjoy a Mac and it would be a great purchase for Mac Switchers.

The totally revamped computer hides in a completely redesigned, compact aluminum enclosure that promises gaming, photo and video graphics experi

NEW Apple Mac mini

New Mac mini: Mini in Size, Mighty in Performance

ences that is two times faster than the previous model. All you need to do is connect Mac mini to a display, keyboard and mouse. A built-in HDMI port will let you enjoy your HDTV too.

Still the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer, the new Mac mini meets the new Energy Star requirements.


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